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argus_scrolls's Journal

The Argus Scrolls
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The Argus Scrolls: Draenei Lore Discussion
This is a lore discussion forum for World of Warcraft's draenei race.  Membership is moderated, but feel free to send a request.

The Rules
1) Be polite.  If you disagree with someone, please explain why rather than resorting to personal attacks. 

2) If you didn't post it, don't delete it.

3) No sock puppets that haven't been approved by farseer_lolotea...and you'd better come up with a very good reason.

4) Don't be afraid to actually contact farseer_lolotea if you've got an issue.  Your moderator would at least like to believe that she has actual leadership skills, and is highly unlikely to bite your head off.

5) If you wouldn't say it in front of your eighty-year-old church-going grandmother, put it behind a cut.

6) If you don't know how to create a cut, please read this before you post.  It'll save you a world of shame.

7) If you come in here with the express purpose of stirring up drama, the consequences are on you.

8) There is no eighth rule.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)