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The Argus Scrolls
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Tyn Censored
This is supposed to be mainly a lore community.  However, a discussion of draenic biology has been requested.  And the Draenei Anatomy Thread does not seem to have been revived at the new and improved official forums.

So...here's the original post of the progenitor thread at the EU forums:
Last night I found myself a bit ill-prepared for some good questions. Do hooves have feeling to them and do they need any maintenance? How about horns? What are the tentacles, tendrils, barbels for? What of the tail? Does it wiggle on its own?

These are good and valid questions to ask from a draenei, are they not? I sure would like to know the answers. The problem is that after some research on the net, apparently none of these questions are officially answered leaving every player to come up with their own explanations which naturally will lead into a forest of random explanations and reasons why the draenei have various appendices.

So I'd like to know what kind of answers you've gotten to these questions? Or if you play a draenei, how'd you answer these questions?

PS. To top it all off, it is rumored that the draenei have blue blood.

It should be noted that blue blood has, in fact, been confirmed several times over.  But the same cannot be said of the (increasingly popular, it would seem) fanon claim that draenei have two hearts.  (Which isn't to say that it isn't kind of a cool idea.) 

Relevant thread at Wowhead, by the way, is relevant.
10th-Jun-2010 04:46 pm - Da Rules!
Tyn Censored
After recent events, it seems that community rules need to be re-stated.

So...here goes.

1) Be polite.  If you disagree with someone, please explain why rather than resorting to personal attacks. 

2) If you didn't post it, don't delete it.

3) No sock puppets that haven't been approved by farseer_lolotea...and you'd better come up with a very good reason.

4) Don't be afraid to actually contact farseer_lolotea if you've got an issue.  Your moderator would at least like to believe that she has actual leadership skills, and is highly unlikely to bite your head off.

5) If you wouldn't say it in front of your eighty-year-old church-going grandmother, put it behind a cut.

6) If you don't know how to create a cut, please read this before you post.  It'll save you a world of shame.

7) If you come in here with the express purpose of stirring up drama, the consequences are on you.

8) There is no eighth rule.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

That should about cover it.
4th-May-2010 09:27 pm - Brainstorming!
Tyn Censored
So...what sort of lore developments would we all like to see for the draenei in Cataclysm?  Since I'm officially kicking this thing off, I'll give my suggestions first: 

Azure Watch and Blood Watch could be built up into towns akin to Telaar, Telhamat, and so on.  Some kind of closure to the Saruan storyline on Bloodmyst Isle could be added—even if that means that we have to kill the poor guy.  A few anchorites and vindicators could be added to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, to Alliance or neutral bases in areas with demon problems, or to both. 

And, of course, there's Forest Song.  It needs to still be standing.  In fact, it needs to be fortified into a proper town.
5th-Sep-2009 11:36 pm - Welcome to The Argus Scrolls!
Tyn Censored
This is a community for discussing World of Warcraft's draenei race—specifically, how they're getting generally short-changed in the lore department.

Here are some ground rules: 
Ranting about the lack of a new class in Cataclysm is allowed; however, that's not the main purpose of this community, much less the only one. 

Brainstorming on how any of the three missing classes could potentially be worked in in some later expansion pack is encouraged no matter how iffy the mod may be about warlock, but shouldn't be the only thing that happens here. 

Ranting about the overall lack of lore is allowed; brainstorming possibilities is greatly preferred. 

Flaming and trolling will get you banned.  So...just don't.
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